Thursday, 15 December 2011

My Guide: To The Wonderful World of Youtube

For the past year or two, my days have been consumed by watching makeup tutorials, fashion hauls and random vlogs on Youtube. So below I have listed my all time top 5 youtube beauty and fashion gurus:

1. Macbarbie07
My absolute favourite beauty guru of all time, hands down! I love the consistency and originality of all her videos. Her modest and positive personality is so likeable, plus she knows what she's talking about! Bethany (macbarbie07) is 16 which makes her a little younger than other vloggers, but makes her more relateable for younger viewers.

2.  Juicystar07/otherjuicystar07
The first youtube beauty guru that I ever stumbled upon, and still one of my faves! I love watching her videos 'cause of her bubbly personality and style!

3. Allthatglitters21/Ellesglittergossip
Allthatglitters21, sister to Juicystar07 is one of my faves 'cause of her book reviews and hauls. I know, being a bookworm...... very dorky; but what can you do? Elle somehow manages to make reading sound, well.... cool! And of cause I love her tutorials, hauls and monthly faves.

4. Meganheartsmakeup
Two words. Fashion. Hair.

5. Beautycrush
The most appealing thing about Beautycrush's channel is definetly her unique rocker/edgy style, which I haven't seen very often on youtube. And of course; she knows what she's talking about!

So those are my top five favourite youtube channels! Be sure to check them out for heaps of makeup tutorials and fashion hauls!

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