Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Chritmas Wishlist.

Tis' the season to be jolly, so what better why to start my blog then with my very own christmas wish list?

1. Myglam Subscription
After hearing about myglam from my favourite youtube beauty guru, macbarbie07, instant love was inevitable! Each month you receive a glam bag filled with 4 to 5 beauty goodies for only $10 a month! Sign up is free and you can watch videos by your favourite youtube beauty gurus using the products from the glam bag. Overall, a want want want!

2. A pair of "Classic Retro Sunglasses"
I fell in love with the aviator and now these classic retro 'glasses are the apple of my eye! At a retail price of $20.28 AUD it's no wonder why!

3. Hat
Yes, you read right! A hat! Not usually a hat person, it was a surprise to even me when I started to crave the wide floppy hat, inspired by the 1970s LA style.

4. Feather Hair Extensions
A big trend this season and I still haven't managed to steal a great deal with one of these! However, always the optimist, I'm hoping mums willing to stretch her dollar this Chrissy.

5. Moroccan Oil
The positive raves and reviews of moroccan oil still haven't quietened down. So never one to ignore the craving for a great hair product, I added this little beauty to my wishlist with my fingers crossed.

6. At-Home Workout DVD
Number six on my wishlist is still hazy regarding the details, because I've got no idea which one! Leaning towards at-home Zumba, but we'll see how all the rewiews sway me!

7. Amazon Gift Card
A land full of magical gifts and sales! Need I say more?

8. John Freida Frizz-Ease Leave-In Conditioning Spray
Always struggling to smooth those flyaways, I'm hoping that this product will be an answer to my prayers!

Short and sweet, but I'm still hoping Santa thinks I've been extra good this year!

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